Tuesday, December 15, 2009

As a former Republican, I find the fearmongering by...

Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly...and yes, Limbaugh to be the most gutless, cowardly fake conservatives to be the most despicable human behavior on the planet short of the SS. They are not conservatives but authoritarians hiding behind conservatism because they are gutless! They want you to fear your neighbor! So much for "christianity" by these fakes!

These "men" are cowards. The party (for what it's worth anymore) needs to rid itself of them...BUT considering that, Steele to have balls of steel which is an impossibility. It is important that small-d democracy prevail i.e. freedom! Why the Brooks, Will, Kristols of this world do not have balls enough to call them out (ok, maybe Brooks!) is really a question!

It is time for good, STRONG men to stand up and (if necessary) SHOUT down these cowards! Ironically, a Schwarzeneggar has more balls shouting down Palin than the rest!

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