Sunday, November 4, 2007

Bad Gerunds! in, "I look forward to dialoguing with him"...expansive gerunding (?!?!?! :-) is the refuge of the weak speaker!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

No more Paradigm Shifts!

The words "paradigm shift", "deconstruct", "existential" are no longer to be used in any context other than philosophy...MSM (mainstream media) have perverted them (and the Far Right media are too stupid to understand them...they're still trying to work past Aquinas).

Paradigm shift now means changing the color of your bathroom...changing your socks, changing anything now is a paradigm shift.

Deconstruction now means breaking your bread into little pieces, looking at tea leaves to divine the future, analyzing your cat.

Existential now means starting a war against smaller, oppressed countries (who sit on top alot of YOUR oil) that may be turning the radium from their watches into nuclear weapons.

Journalism majors don't think, they just usurp words their professors used and look pretty on TV. The web is changing that thank god BUT...we should know where our words come from.

The last paradigm shift was Einstein. Deconstruction is still a really vague thing that Derrida dreamt up and Existentialism is really German metaphysics in Lederhosen!