Thursday, March 5, 2009

Why neocons (and Rush) will eventually fail...

and take the party with them: they put Values above Facts. The see all facts as biased for or against them (there's clearly a streak of paranoia running through their thought, and paranoia only serves one's enemies). They really are very weak in their understanding of power and how it works. When Rush says the party doesn't need better policies, he is effectively saying they only need their values; that that will be enough to re-acquire power. But without policies one cannot truly have a politics, and in a democracy politics IS the path to power...unless of course deep down you are only paying lip service to democracy and really the path to power that you're really espousing is to simply TAKE it. Of course, that is called tyranny. Without a formulation of policy that is coherent with your values so voters can make a reasoned choice, you have only a vacuous soliloquy...or...sedition.

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