Friday, October 19, 2007

Can god cease to exist?

Man, neurotically craves and obsesses over the Sacred, thereby inventing gods in his own image. All gods are a "Christian God", an "Islamist Allah", a "Jewish Yahweh", a "Buddhist No-God"...i.e. an "X God". Man simply cannot accept that he is alone, facing death, and there's no "one" out there.
NO one, no religionist talks of god outside of his own personalized context which is what overcome the neurotic craving because it objectifies god, granting god "thingi-ness". Even atheists talk in a quasi-Bhuddhistic fashion of a no-god. Also, if god is SO powerful, could he choose NOT TO EXIST ANYMORE???
All the religions fail...but that doesn't mean that god doesn't exist, he just doesn't care anymore about mankind (why is it presumed that he must???...this is the heart of our egomaniacal speciocentricity).

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